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I'm like a month late to the party. I have an excuse -- I was studying for chemistry? Not really.
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IN CONCLUSION. Do the memes or you are UNAMERICAN ;)
And check out the other entries too. They're really, really awesome.

Speaking of which, my voter's registration came in the mail this weekend. Hooray (?)! Also, the Essex Green album I ordered for my birthday came in too. I like them. You should too. You can listen to some of their songs on hypemachine.

Next up: College talk? D: D: D:

ETA: While we're talking about comics and other dorky things. I finally saw The 300 with evilsnuggles485 on Friday after school. I figured it would be Frank Miller-bad, but I didn't expect it to be boring-bad as well. And gawd, was it BORING. I think Lauren slept through half the movie, and I started nodding off in the first hour.
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23 February 2007 @ 10:55 pm
So I guess it's that time of the year again! dryponder has started yet ANOTHER supergal meme. Remember the Great Batgirl Meme of 2006? Well yeah, except now it's the Draw Supergirl! meme because the current supergirl aka Skanky Skank Mchoface is crying out for a redesign.

She's sitting on a hay bale? In Smallville? Or something? D:
IN CONCLUSION. I tag everybody on my flist (all five of you) to do this meme.
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22 June 2005 @ 12:53 pm


Please don't take my journal off your friends list because I still read your journals.

EDIT: I guess I have to say why I'm killing the journal.

I never posted much in the first place, so it's not like it's a great loss.

I guess the main reason is that I just don't feel like writing anymore. I don't know what else there is to say. If I've learned anything from IR class, it's that I can't write and that Dr. Parrott is crazy if she thinks that I have a future in it.

It's really nice that you think I'm an intelligent person, but I'm really not. I'm actually an idiot. I'm not trying to be modest or emo. I really just don't have "it", whatever the hell "it" is. "It" isn't looking at your shit and thinking that you're a total fraud for pretending to know what you're babbling about. I mean, I basically went back and made all my old journal entries private because it drives me crazy thinking about someone actually reading that bullshit.

...And I've learned enough this year to know that when someone tells you that you have a "real" and "unique" voice, it means that your prose sucks and you should get another voice, preferably that of someone who can actually write.

So let's pretend that I just don't care and continue to post anyway. I have lots of stuff to say, most of it just plain DUMB. But like Mel, I can't write for an audience. When I want to say something, I have to stop and worry if I sound stupid or nerdy or bitchy or whiny or whatever. I know it shouldn't matter, but it's not going to stop me from worrying anyway.

But I'm still going to be around at LJ, commenting and stuff. And if you want to talk, email me. I'm mizzywhich@gmail.com, don't ask about the name :\

Yeahhhhh okay. See you people around then.

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..And a rock opera!:
Dorkwads, dressing up as favorite STD, pipe-bombs + student protest, loving evil megaconglomerations, Asians, disease, horror movies, grammar, exams, Wal*Mart, Mozart AND Warcraft, Naruto cancelled?! and Godzilla in the bay, promises unfulfilled, irrational numbers and Hell, tuberculosis, Happy Birthday, coffee and music, more Asians, self-cannibalism, rage-infected zombies, English class, silence, One Nation Under Canada, Algebra, the Holocaust, cacophony, everything that I used to understand and can't really anymore, the evolution of humans, my one true stalker-love, electrophoresis but mostly bitching, white slavery ring-leaders, superstring theory and repetition, moron DJs, something humiliating, a major in psychotic ranting, a story involving assassins, a birthday party, cheesecake, jelly beans, and a really big BOOM, shades of blue, Hell again, biological hazards in my locker (which were cleaned up, but not entirely), MORE Asians, voting, losers (of the voting), a faint glimmer of hope, peer pressure, someone awesome, someone cool, someone fun, racial IQ, Happy Birthdays to the dead, someone funny, testing testing, good men are easy to kill, spring cleaning, someone awesome, requests never fulfilled, careers, Obi Wan it uncontaminated.

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21 April 2005 @ 07:11 am
still writing because...: Chemistry is a huge pain now. Our teacher needs to come back from rehab. (C'mon. You *know* he was cool.)

Stats. The state of my journal. Blahblahblah.
Date created: 11/10/2003 1:18:27 PM.
Number of journal entries: 53. This just cracks me up. 53?! I thought the number would be like, five.
Posted: 555 comments.
Received: 250 comments.

I feel like I want to clean out my friends list. I don't want to remove you if you don't want, but I'm pretty sure that half the people on my list aren't even active anymore. Not like I'm active anyway. Anyway, so I *already* removed dancing_dog, celestial_skies, mysti_zion, AND zalyckron because they're no longer being updated, right? If I'm wrong, correct me and I'll add you back.

Also, I think that many of you mainly update on greatest journal. So I see the same posts multiple times anyway.

So what do you think? Leave a comment if you want me to take you off. Otherwise, you're staying :)

Okay. More...junk concerning the state of this journal.
-Probably going to have a new layout sometime soon. Just with the revamping of this and stuff.
-From the beginning, I hadn't intended to make this a "me" journal. Now that I actually have people I know that have LJ, I'm going to try to stick to that more. I hope that it's going to end up very blogger-ish . I don't know if you're going to view that as "impersonal" or whatever, but I don't feel that it's fair to subject you to an extremely boring emo view of life.

That's basically it, I think. I like reading all of your journals, even if I never comment in them.

EDIT: Before I forget. I still haven't forgotten to write your "you're-so-cool" thingy, yasai. In fact, I wrote it, I just don't like it. =\
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